Good Morning People of God ! Thank you Father for waking us up on this morning clothed and in our right mind . Thank you for seeing fit to continue to bless us and supply our every need . Help us on this morning not to be harsh with our words . And help us to avoid conflict as much as possible and promote peace . This reminds me of scripture found in the book of Proverbs 15 vs 1 . It says ; A gentle answer turns away wrath , but a harsh word stirs up anger . Praise God ! Help us Father to be seasoned enough in the word and filled with Your Spirit, to speak gently to others . This way we can defuse anger and promote peace . You all have an awesome day in our Lord Christ Jesus . Amen and Amen !!

Support group !

It is the 4th Thursday of the week, and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan group meeting is today ! I would encourage anyone who may be dealing with uncomfortable or dangerous physical and emotional difficulties to come to this group tonight . The address is 111 Monument Ave , Kissimmee Fl 34741 5th floor conference room . Let’s deal with this together !

The process

It takes rain and sunshine to make a rainbow . After the rain ends and the sun begins to shine ; people can see the beautiful rainbow that appears in the sky . It covers a large area . You can see it’s beauty from afar . We are like the process of the rainbow ! The rain does not last forever . Soon the sun will come out and begin to dry up the rain . Ourselves as well as others will see the rainbow that is forming in our lives . They will be able to see it from afar off !!!!!!


Today s a great day to help remove the stigma of having a mental illness .

Today Let’s spread Hope and erase the stigma . It is okay to have a mental illness , but it’s not okay not to do anything about it . So be strong today and take courage . You can lead a fulfilling life with the help of professionals and you advocating for yourself . Today is a good day for change !


This is what our definition of Hope is !

H. onesty ( with self )

O. penness ( towards others )

P. erseverance (take initiative for own change )

E. ndurance (don’t give up )

These are our Values and they are key to personal success !




A Lot of people may not know what ¬†Wrap is or what the plan is about . The Wellness Recovery Action Plan is called Wrap for short . It’s a system for monitoring, reducing and eliminating uncomfortable or dangerous physical and emotional difficulties .

We have a Certified Facilitator to facilitate and guide you through this plan . If you are interested , Please contact us here . We will be glad to assist .